Reply To: Confused About PSTEC Negative

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Mark, be sure to review the instructions really well.  And, when it comes to listening to Tim's instructions, always take him literally and don't add any other or different instructions.

    Ray is spot on…

    “When the eyes are closed, that's when we are to jumble the sentence”

    Periodically, you open your eyes, just for a moment, to look at the sentence and then close your eyes again and scramble it in your mind.  Tim will instruct you on the audio.  But, again, be sure to read the User Guide VERY CAREFULLY as it will help you gain even better results.

    Oh, and you are tapping along whether your eyes are open or closed.

    Good job, Ray… you are moving along correctly!
    And, it's all about results, so it appears that it is working well for you, Ray!
    Hey, if you can't recall a negative/limiting belief; time to celebrate, yah?!

    Ray, oh, absolutely!
    PSTEC Negative will grease the skids and prepare the landing field of your mind model for your intended PSTEC Positive Suggestions.  (alright, alright, I know I went wild with the cliches  :P )… that's the beauty of what Tim has put together here.

    In my experience the past couple months, using PSTEC Positive with people becomes much easier and, yes, I can be much more absolute in my statements after using PSTEC Negative.

    Whether you make the leap to fast, will be up to you.  You KNOW when it's too big of a leap, so take it with more ease and work your way up to absolutes.

    But, with PN, you will probably find that you can make that leap much more quickly and with less effort because you have less resistance from the old programming.

    So, yes, carry on, carry over and there's less reason to do harakiri because you can, even more efficiently, affect the mind model and the subconscious with PN!!

    Malama Pono!