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    PSTEC User

      I just bought and tried PSTEC Negative

      I had some confusion.

      Am I supposed to be looking at the sentence with my eyes open and scrambling it that way or visualizing it with my eyes closed and scrambling it that way? If it's with eyes closed, it felt near impossible to even visualize the sentence while thinking of the left hand/right hand/hands together and Tim's voice. I couldn't see the words in my mind and couldn't scramble them. With eyes open I can. Thanks

      Raymond Preisler
      PSTEC User

        It's my understanding that we're supposed to open and close the eyes for intervals of time. When the eyes are closed, that's when we are to jumble the sentence and tear it apart, all the while tapping with the track. It seemed to work. When I was done, I couldn't even remember what the belief was. If I'm doing it incorrectly, could someone explain the correct approach?

        Raymond Preisler
        PSTEC User

          I'm curious if the use of PSTEC Negative impacts the sentences we create for PSTEC Positive. If PSTEC Negative really removes the limiting belief, can we be more assertive with the PSTEC Positive statements we create? Can stronger, more definite language be used for the positive statement? For example, changing from “Now, I can be a great writer.” to “Now, I am a great writer.” Or is that too much of a leap?

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Mark, be sure to review the instructions really well.  And, when it comes to listening to Tim's instructions, always take him literally and don't add any other or different instructions.

            Ray is spot on…

            “When the eyes are closed, that's when we are to jumble the sentence”

            Periodically, you open your eyes, just for a moment, to look at the sentence and then close your eyes again and scramble it in your mind.  Tim will instruct you on the audio.  But, again, be sure to read the User Guide VERY CAREFULLY as it will help you gain even better results.

            Oh, and you are tapping along whether your eyes are open or closed.

            Good job, Ray… you are moving along correctly!
            And, it's all about results, so it appears that it is working well for you, Ray!
            Hey, if you can't recall a negative/limiting belief; time to celebrate, yah?!

            Ray, oh, absolutely!
            PSTEC Negative will grease the skids and prepare the landing field of your mind model for your intended PSTEC Positive Suggestions.  (alright, alright, I know I went wild with the cliches  :P )… that's the beauty of what Tim has put together here.

            In my experience the past couple months, using PSTEC Positive with people becomes much easier and, yes, I can be much more absolute in my statements after using PSTEC Negative.

            Whether you make the leap to fast, will be up to you.  You KNOW when it's too big of a leap, so take it with more ease and work your way up to absolutes.

            But, with PN, you will probably find that you can make that leap much more quickly and with less effort because you have less resistance from the old programming.

            So, yes, carry on, carry over and there's less reason to do harakiri because you can, even more efficiently, affect the mind model and the subconscious with PN!!

            Malama Pono!

            PSTEC User

              Will re-read the instructions carefully. But my question still remains, if I have trouble visualizing and scrambling the sentence with my eyes closed, especially with all the other things going on, then I guess it wont work?

              Also, do you need to be suggestible for PSTEC to work? Thanks

              Jeff Harding
              PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                Hi Mark… sometimes, especially at first, focusing and concentrating on these types of aspects and issues is difficult or you have trouble doing it … hey, it's foreign and the subconscious may  view it as unnecessary or threatening to its current mind model.

                But having trouble does not mean that you aren't or can't… do the best you can and, as you practice it, you will find it easier. 
                You don't have to be perfect at it, just do your best and the more willing you are, the more quickly you will adapt and be able to make the changes you desire.

                If you are able to imagine the sentence deconstruction with your eyes open, you certainly can do it with them closed.

                But, perhaps first, address that issue.  From time to time, when working with others, I will have to address their fears, frustrations and even anger about doing this work and then also address their beliefs, such as: 'I can't do this'… 'It doesn't work for me' … 'I don't like it', etc.

                Emotions… if this work frustrates you, imagine doing the PSTEC Tracks, TRY HARD to feel those feelings and run the Click Tracks until the emotion goes down to 0-1.

                Beliefs …

                Sometimes you may benefit from using PSTEC Positive and suggestions that PSTEC works for you, that you enjoy it and/or that it's possible to transcend the issues that bother you.
                An example of a belief you can use PSTEC Positive on being more able to use PSTEC to your benefit is this…

                “When I listen to the PSTEC tracks I follow the instructions because they are important”

                Keep in mind you don't necessarily have to visualize… you only have to imagine the sentence and the scrambling.

                Being suggestible …

                Everyone is suggestible.  If there was a person that is not suggestible, then that person would not have beliefs or ideas.  The beliefs were a result of being suggestible and it's just a matter of deconstructing them and then applying new beliefs.

                One might say, 'I am not suggestible from others, but I craft my own ideas and beliefs.'  Ok, if that's true, then do it with these tools if only because you can do it more quickly and more efficiently.

                You are in control using PSTEC Tools… that's the design of them.  They only work on the issue that you focus on… the suggestion that you make.  This isn't about someone else telling you what to think… what to believe… what to feel.  You are in control here with these tools.

                If you struggle a bit, a session or two with a PSTEC Practitioner  might be the best investment you can make… PSTEC Registry.


                PSTEC User

                  Thanks Jeff,

                  Well, the belief I'm working on now is linked to my social anxiety and I went out into the world and still felt the same discomfort, so I know that nothing has changed. I'm not sure how scrambling a sentence for a few minutes can change a lifetime of negative associations – to me that sounds like hypnosis, which never worked for me.

                  But I'll try again. My issue was that when I close my eyes and try to visualize the sentence and scramble it, I have trouble seeing the sentence and remembering all the words etc. I can do it with eyes open looking at the sentence so I remember what it looks like.

                  PSTEC User

                    Just re-read the instructions and tried again. Had to stop half way through because I couldn't do it. Maybe I'm not a visual person. While focusing on the clicking and having Tim's instructions loudly taking up my attention, there's no way I can clearly see a sentence and somehow start mixing up the words, let alone mixing up letters. I don't know how that's possible.

                    Raymond Preisler
                    PSTEC User

                      Hi Mark,

                      Perhaps you are being a bit too literal in terms of being able to “see” the belief. I find that when I am using the PN, I just look at the belief, close my eyes and then imagine:
                      1. shifting a word in the belief to another position in the sentence. OR
                      2. seeing the belief on a sign and all the letters just fall off the sign into a pile below. OR
                      3. seeing a word spelled incorrectly or just jumbled.
                      After I see the change, I open my eyes and do it again, all the while tapping with the CT. It did seem very weird the first few times I did it, but each time before I was done, I could feel the whole concept of the belief disappear and I found it difficult to even remember what the belief was about.

                      Do you think there may be an underlying belief that this can't work? Or that it's too simple? Or even that you're not visual?

                      My experience thus far has been kind of mind-blowing. I think there have been underlying beliefs to certain emotions that kept recreating the emotions for me.

                      Hope that helps,

                      PSTEC User

                        Hi Ray
                        I don't know if I am qualified to help but just wanted to share my experience with you. When I used it at the end I was unable to recall my sentence and I, like you, have a problem visualizing but at the end I was still unable to recall my belief. Also use the positive audio after so you are replacing the old belief with the new belief.
                        I hope this helps

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