Reply To: Confused About PSTEC Negative

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Mark… sometimes, especially at first, focusing and concentrating on these types of aspects and issues is difficult or you have trouble doing it … hey, it's foreign and the subconscious may  view it as unnecessary or threatening to its current mind model.

    But having trouble does not mean that you aren't or can't… do the best you can and, as you practice it, you will find it easier. 
    You don't have to be perfect at it, just do your best and the more willing you are, the more quickly you will adapt and be able to make the changes you desire.

    If you are able to imagine the sentence deconstruction with your eyes open, you certainly can do it with them closed.

    But, perhaps first, address that issue.  From time to time, when working with others, I will have to address their fears, frustrations and even anger about doing this work and then also address their beliefs, such as: 'I can't do this'… 'It doesn't work for me' … 'I don't like it', etc.

    Emotions… if this work frustrates you, imagine doing the PSTEC Tracks, TRY HARD to feel those feelings and run the Click Tracks until the emotion goes down to 0-1.

    Beliefs …

    Sometimes you may benefit from using PSTEC Positive and suggestions that PSTEC works for you, that you enjoy it and/or that it's possible to transcend the issues that bother you.
    An example of a belief you can use PSTEC Positive on being more able to use PSTEC to your benefit is this…

    “When I listen to the PSTEC tracks I follow the instructions because they are important”

    Keep in mind you don't necessarily have to visualize… you only have to imagine the sentence and the scrambling.

    Being suggestible …

    Everyone is suggestible.  If there was a person that is not suggestible, then that person would not have beliefs or ideas.  The beliefs were a result of being suggestible and it's just a matter of deconstructing them and then applying new beliefs.

    One might say, 'I am not suggestible from others, but I craft my own ideas and beliefs.'  Ok, if that's true, then do it with these tools if only because you can do it more quickly and more efficiently.

    You are in control using PSTEC Tools… that's the design of them.  They only work on the issue that you focus on… the suggestion that you make.  This isn't about someone else telling you what to think… what to believe… what to feel.  You are in control here with these tools.

    If you struggle a bit, a session or two with a PSTEC Practitioner  might be the best investment you can make… PSTEC Registry.