Reply To: Confused About PSTEC Negative

Raymond Preisler

    Hi Mark,

    Perhaps you are being a bit too literal in terms of being able to “see” the belief. I find that when I am using the PN, I just look at the belief, close my eyes and then imagine:
    1. shifting a word in the belief to another position in the sentence. OR
    2. seeing the belief on a sign and all the letters just fall off the sign into a pile below. OR
    3. seeing a word spelled incorrectly or just jumbled.
    After I see the change, I open my eyes and do it again, all the while tapping with the CT. It did seem very weird the first few times I did it, but each time before I was done, I could feel the whole concept of the belief disappear and I found it difficult to even remember what the belief was about.

    Do you think there may be an underlying belief that this can't work? Or that it's too simple? Or even that you're not visual?

    My experience thus far has been kind of mind-blowing. I think there have been underlying beliefs to certain emotions that kept recreating the emotions for me.

    Hope that helps,