Reply To: Confused About PSTEC Negative

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Mark… as Ray and Lisa said … you don't need to visualize… that is not required.  Don't worry about visualizing; just let go of that thought as not relevant.

    This is about imagination and, as a musician, at least the ones I know very well, imagination is not a problem, yah?  :)

    Just imagine… pretend if you will … that the sentence is in your mind… which, in reality, it is, because that sentence came from your mind… from your subconscious into your conscious awareness.

    Just imagine that sentence is in the forefront of your mind… however you imagine it is perfect … and then imagine scrambling it and making it incomprehensible.

    This is the same aspect or manner in which to work on emotional issues with the Click Tracks … just imagine the memory or future event … you don't need to visualize… just imagine.