Reply To: Confused About PSTEC Negative

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Mark…

    You will find your groove with using the PSTEC Tools just as you find it with an instrument or band mates.  ;D

    A few questions – does it matter if, when you jumble the words, you see the new jumbled structure of the sentence perfectly? Same with jumbling letters – would you have to see the sentence with the exact amount of words/letters perfectly in a new order or can it just be kind of a mess of letters and words? I'm sure that I'm not seeing the exact amount of words and letters that should be there.

    The objective is to merely keep jumbling …and not jumble it perfectly.  There is no perfection is scrambling.  It's either scrambled or it's not scrambled.

    Also, did you imagine busking and are there any emotions that come up?
    If so, CT those emotions and then handle the belief erasure.

    On that belief…

    “I am bothering people”

    Ask: “I am bothering people because __________”

    See what comes up to get a more “core” belief.  There is a reason why you believe you are bothering them… see what it might be.