Reply To: Confused About PSTEC Negative


    I just got PS Neg and did it last night.  I see what Mark means about having trouble jumbling the sentence.  I have to say, wow, that was some experience doing that track for the first time!!  It was HARD WORK.  With all the tapping and Tim talking, opening eyes, looking at statement, closing eyes and trying to jumble statement…wow!  It almost felt like overload and I think that's exactly what's supposed to happen. 

    I had a bit of trouble jumbling the words/letters too because everytime I looked at it, it was right again.  What if we wrote the statement somewhat jumbled to begin with? Would that help or hinder the situation?

    I like Ray's suggestions like picturing the words/letters sliding off a sign.  That gave me the idea to also picture the letters like a bowl of alphabet soup.  Things like that, Mark, might be helpful.

    Another one, maybe picture the words being thrown in the air and as they go up, all the words separate into letters and fall back down a jumbled mess.

    I'm thinking and hoping this will get easier with practice. Only doing it once I didn't feel I was jumbling very successfully but as Jeff keeps saying, we just have to imagine it, don't have to visualize it.  It can be hard to differentiate that sometimes.  Also, I felt like it worked.  Not sure if it really did or not! I followed it w/ a PS Positive(EEF) on the same topic.  I really like the pairing of all 3 tools (PS Basic, Neg, Positive).