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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi LK… I'm glad you are getting some results… that's what it's all about!

    Remember to use the proper tool for the proper aspect… in other words, don't try and saw a 2×4 with your screwdriver … it will just frustrate you.  :D 

    “I don't have that much negative emotion at the moment”
    First, be sure to rate the emotion/feeling because when you say “not that much;” it could mean the emotion is a 2, 3 or even higher.  I have worked with people saying the emotion is “not that bad” and they would then proceed to rate it as a 6!.
    What is the rating between 0 and 10?  If it's ANYTHING other than 0-1, be sure to address the emotions because it will make the process that much easier.

    If you have no emotions related to that issue… that belief … that means 0-1 on the emotional intensity scale … then, yes, you can move onto Step 2 and address the negative belief with PSTEC Negative (PN).

    “how could I include the accelerator track in that session? “
    In the second step of the process… which is the elimination of the negative belief with PN, you cannot use the Accelerator Tapping Track (ATT) at all… it does not fit in there.

    Note: Be sure to see the new sequence using PSTEC Tools in the PN User Guide.
    You can use the ATT either to clear emotions in “Step 1” or you can use the ATT for the PSTEC Positive belief suggestion Step 3 of the process because the ATT's can be used for either emotions or belief suggestion; just not for belief erasing.