Reply To: How hard should I hold onto the anxiety?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi LK… when you do emotional work using any of the following:
    Click Tracks (CT)
    EEF's (extra strong Click Tracks)
    ATT (Accelerator Tapping Tracks)

    … listen carefully and literally to Tim's instructions.  He says…

    TRY HARD… TRY AS HARD AS YOU CAN to feel the feeling.

    *It's not important to feel the feeling… don't worry if you can't feel the feeling.  Many people do and that's fine too.  But, if you don't feel it, not a problem!
    *It's only important that you TRY HARD to feel the feeling.  It's a big difference from actually feeling it and it also takes more concentration and focus.  These tracks do take mental work… you must be WILLING to do that work and not just “meditate” or zone/zen out… it does not work without the effort… without TRYING HARD to feel the feeling.
    *TRY HARD applies to the feeling.  You don't have to try hard to focus on the memory/imagined event, but just keep it in your imagination.
    *One more note that comes up… you don't have to visualize your memory/imagined event… just imagine it in the way that comes to you.  Bit difference between visualization and imagination.

    So, again, #2 is closer to the instructions but without this…

    “Another way I did this was I repeated “I'm always completely relaxed & enjoy being the center of attention”
    DO NOT repeat sentences while doing emotional clearing work with PSTEC!

    “working like this takes forever as my mind just keeps coming up with more & more difficult situations. I actually ran 21 eef tracks in one day (in 3 sittings) doing this, and on all runs the intensity was somewhere between a 7 and a 10.”

    I can't comment too specifically  on this because I don't know the specifics and, it would probably be best, if a problem persists, to chat with a practitioner.  but, with that said…

    *If you get the results you desire, that's cool.
    *Perhaps there is a more efficient way to target the issue, but, again, without intense details and conversation, it's difficult to assess.
    *Be sure not to approach an issue with desperation.  Maybe you aren't but if someone does that many consecutive tracks, sometimes that is the case.  Be careful not to bring that desperation into your sessions.

    “I feel like I can hold onto the emotions pretty tight when I really try to, so they don't release that easily.”
    Lastly … that's good that you can TRY HARD… that's key!!

    Ah, but see the limiting belief?

    “they don't release that easily”

    You could prep your session with a little PSTEC Positive, such as:

    “I want to gently release my emotions to enjoy my life and to do so completely”

    Also, you can use PSTEC Negative on a belief that says…

    “It is my belief that I don't release emotions easily”

    And, then follow up with the previous PP Sentence I mentioned.