Reply To: How hard should I hold onto the anxiety?


    Ok, thank you! I'll read that a few times and I should be good.

    “*TRY HARD applies to the feeling.  You don't have to try hard to focus on the memory/imagined event, but just keep it in your imagination.”

    Ok.. I think for memories I've done it correctly, but I'm assuming I went overboard with the imagined events. I'd imagine an event and focus on the feeling, but then when the feeling started to fade, I'd continue to imagine either the same event with a twist that makes it bring up more of that feeling or a imagine some other event (e.g. in another area of the same night club) to amplify the feeling. That was both my way of TRYING HARD to keep feeling the feeling, and also to try and with the biggest thing I can and clear that. I'm guessing the right for this sort of imaginary clearing is to imagine the event like it was a memory and then not go changing it until its cleared to 1 or 0, correct?

    Is this what you mean with visualization vs. imagination – that visualization is a more active process of digging into the memory and the listing the specifics of it, while imagination is just kind of letting the memory be there a bit vaguely somehow (while putting the mental efforts in trying to feel the feeling).

    “*Be sure not to approach an issue with desperation.”
    You are right about the desperation comment on that one time I did all those tracks. I normally do 2-5 tracks in a day and have gotten releases to 1 or 0 with just 2 tracks, and overall I feel excited about the process.

    “Ah, but see the limiting belief? “they don't release that easily””
    Yes, ok. I'll be sure to try those PN & PP sentences next time.