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Jeff Harding
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    Hi LK…

    [color=rgb(68, 68, 68)]I'm assuming I went overboard with the imagined events. I'd imagine an event and focus on the feeling, but then when the feeling started to fade, I'd continue to imagine either the same event with a twist that makes it bring up more of that feeling or a imagine some other event (e.g. in another area of the same night club) to amplify the feeling. That was both my way of TRYING HARD to keep feeling the feeling, and also to try and with the biggest thing I can and clear that. I'm guessing the right for this sort of imaginary clearing is to imagine the event like it was a memory and then not go changing it until its cleared to 1 or 0, correct?[/color]

    It depends … you could be doing well on this if you are not “getting in the way.”
    For example, if you focus on memory A to start and TRY HARD to feel fearful while running the CT and during the CT, memory B is “served up naturally” by the subconscious without your conscious effort, you could shift to focus on Memory B and continue TRYING HARD to feel fearful or you could “finish up” on Memory A… up to you.  Either way, when you are done, note the new memory B that came up and reassess whatever you chose to focus on.  Continue the CT if necessary to get either one down to 0-1 and reassess the other.

    Make sense?

    In contrast, if you are consciously trying hard to add more memories during a CT run; don't try THAT so hard.  Let it come to you… let the subconscious do that work for you.

    [color=rgb(68, 68, 68)]visualization vs. imagination[/color]
    Visualization is getting a somewhat or very clear image in your mind… a picture or video if you will.  Imagining, say, an event, is just like “pretending” you are there or that you are doing that activity.

    EVERYONE can imagine.  When someone says they are afraid and you ask, “Afraid of what?”  And, they say, afraid when I think about speaking in front of all those people… there's the imagination!

    Malama Pono!