Reply To: Second day of Using PSTEC


    Thank you Jeff, I hope someone will find it inspirational and it has really been therapeutic for me!
    Third day. Beautiful day today, so at lunch I went for a walk. I had a headache and needed to get out of the office, and I feel the best when I'm outside in nature. I played the CT while walking wasn't sure if it was going to work since I couldn't close my eyes (I didn't want to get ran over lol I am part of the blonde club). It didn't matter that I couldn't close my eyes. I found myself giggling again when it says to think of the emotion and in that moment while watching a butterfly joining me in my walk I was experiencing pure bliss and then I knew, that is how we are supposed to feel every minute of everyday. How can I keep that feeling? If that truly is how we are supposed to feel why is it so hard to get and keep that feeling?

    Also I have been listening to the Wealth of Abundance audio for 2 days, twice a day, yesterday and today I sold a product off my website. YEAH!! This is a audio I will definitely continue using.