Second day of Using PSTEC

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      This is the first time in almost 3 years that I have awoke in a good mood, almost to the point of joy. What you don't know is I haven't felt Joy in almost 3 years so to be feeling like this being in a good mood and not reliving my past and not going over and over in my head how that one decision completely screwed up my life. Everyday I would wake up to be living my nightmare. Today I feel completely different I have a smile on my face. Thank God for PSTEC  is all I can say I never knew I would be able to feel differently about my situation but now I do.

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        Third day using PSTEC
        Sorry if I'm boring anyone or taking up space with these day to day updates but in a way it's kinda like a journal for me (which I have never been able to keep updated).
        So I am trying to use the basic CT in the morning before I leave for work, this morning I was only able to do a few minutes of the basic CT but it did change my mood today. I only noticed a little of a change at work but when I got home (which is usually when the nightmare starts) I was in a good mood, smiling, laughing, even playing a little which hasn't happened in almost 3 years. I am totally loving PSTEC. I just wish I had the money to buy all the extras PSTEC has to offer. There is 1 program I really want to try and that's the Stop Smoking one, wow the money I could save. If I could quit smoking that would be like a dream come true.
        Anyway thank you for allowing me to share my journey with you here on the forms.

        Jeff Harding
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          Mahalo for sharing… not only can it be “therapeutic” for you, but also, you never know who might find your journey inspirational!

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            Thank you Jeff, I hope someone will find it inspirational and it has really been therapeutic for me!
            Third day. Beautiful day today, so at lunch I went for a walk. I had a headache and needed to get out of the office, and I feel the best when I'm outside in nature. I played the CT while walking wasn't sure if it was going to work since I couldn't close my eyes (I didn't want to get ran over lol I am part of the blonde club). It didn't matter that I couldn't close my eyes. I found myself giggling again when it says to think of the emotion and in that moment while watching a butterfly joining me in my walk I was experiencing pure bliss and then I knew, that is how we are supposed to feel every minute of everyday. How can I keep that feeling? If that truly is how we are supposed to feel why is it so hard to get and keep that feeling?

            Also I have been listening to the Wealth of Abundance audio for 2 days, twice a day, yesterday and today I sold a product off my website. YEAH!! This is a audio I will definitely continue using.

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              I wanted to elaborate on my 3day post. I have a medicine that I'm supposed to take daily for my nerves actually I'm supposed to take it twice a day and I just remembered I haven't taken it in the past 2 days wow! Is that awesome or what? I am loving PSTEC. I Can't wait for the new changes that are coming in my life. I am so grateful and thankful for PSTEC, Tim, Jeff and every one else that is on this journey with me!

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                4th day
                Today was ok. I did go on my walk again but one of the people from work wanted to come too so I wasn't able to run the CT during the walk. I think I like my walks better when I'm by myself. I have found myself really distracted today, I have a test tomorrow and I keep trying to read over the material but I can't seem to focus on it, maybe I should CT that, lol.

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                  5th day
                  Today hasn't been that great. I have had a lot of stress today. I did CT on it but it only changed a little not real sure what is going on maybe I didn't get specific enough on it. Well tomorrow is another day, I didn't get to do the CT this morning like I have been trying to do so that could have made a difference.


                    Hi Lisa,

                    I'm having mood shifts too.  Smiling, laughing, and feeling a bit lighter, then that internal hammer comes down, but to be honest, that's shifted a bit too, it's not as harsh as it used to be. 

                    I've written down four pages of negative crap that has come up while CTing, and it's different, because I'm not a tense mess when doing so.  From time to time, I'll marvel at the fact that I don't have to run from, or cover up the negatives to make other people around me happy (which added to the resentment pile.)

                    I still get a general feeling of anxiety though when I think of all the negative memories and event layers I have to deal with.  I sometimes feel desperate for it to be done and over with; there are things I want to do that don't involve feeling like a constant slave to the crap that was imposed on me as a child. 

                    I have the evidence in front of me that it works, but I vascillate between the two worlds nonetheless, still, I am quicker to identify when the negatives are attempting to take over, so that's another piece of evidence in the win pile.

                    One thing that has helped me when the CTing seems difficult (like too many memories surfacing too quickly) is I'll do 10-15 minutes of exercise.  Nothing heavy duty, just enough to get the oxygen flowing.  Usually involves stretching and then tensing my entire body and releasing a half dozen times or so.  (My butt is shaping up pretty good, lol.) 

                    What do you like to do when you're not PSTECing your negatives away?  I could use some new ideas…

                    I quit smoking for 30 days or so not too long ago, but I'm back into it again, so I've got an idea of what you're talking about there.  It seems to me I read a reply from Jeff to some fellow that had something to do with asking ourselves why we wouldn't deserve good health.  I quickly clicked away after scanning the thread.  It made me sad, plain & simple. 

                    I feel really nervous about posting this, like I'll get in trouble for daring to voice anger and grief while at the same time expressing thoughts about the good shifts.  Silly, I know.

                    Hope your day shapes up to be a good one…

                    PSTEC User

                      Hi Howie thank you so much for your reply. I'm glad the internal hammer has became lighter for you. I need to start writing a list of the stuff that is coming up for me but 2 things first I don't usually write things down or I forget to do it hence the reason why I continue to use the forum for my progress and 2 after doing the CT I sometimes forget what my problem was and I don't have anything that comes up its like my mind feels empty (I know it's not it just feels that way).
                      I have one of the free tracks on Panic Attacks and it says if you have a big problem or issue to click smaller issues related to the main one and you will find that it helps get rid or minimize the “big” issue. I'm not sure if that is just in relation to panic attacks or if it would help in other areas but it's worth a try.
                      I love your idea of doing exercise I will have to try that maybe I could do some yoga , I love yoga, I also like to be outside in nature that is something else I could try. Thank you for that suggestion.
                      That's great that you were able to quit. If you did it once you can do it again. The health thing is huge that is probably an underlying issue for a lot of people. To be honest I know one of my beliefs are smoking will kill me quicker, I know this is horrible and I am working on changing that belief. I need to ask myself why I feel I don't deserve to live umm thank you for bringing up the subject and giving me my aha moment.
                      Please don't feel nervous about posting and please continue to post because of your post you brought out something I really need to Click Track. Than you for your insight.



                        I just identified a boat load of fears to CT.  I'm going to get something to eat and start on them after lunch, then I must do something fun, like mop the floor, total blast, lol.  I'll check back here in a bit to see how you're making out / compare notes… and THANK YOU.

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