Reply To: Concussions / Brain Injuries


    Yes, I was able to get the negative emotions down with PSTEC Free.

    It's a niggling issue though, probably because there is real physical damage, and perhaps that's why it's playing harder on my mind.  I should note that it's kind of exciting to entertain the thought that I could strip away the suggestion (given by the medical community) that it is always degenerative and replace it with my own more positive beliefs.  So that makes me very curious about the PSTEC Physical audio…  :)

    I'm studying the PSTEC Positive & Negative very closely; writing out the instructions in my own words, to help it become second hat.  I want to make absolutely sure that my positive statements are believable to me and that moving between PSTEC Free to PSTEC Negative to PSTEC Positive is seamless.

    Even though my excitement is growing (proof of PSTEC'S efficiency) I can still feel the internal hammer come down on my excitement when I think of doing certain things with my time.  But I've certainly come further than I ever have in my entire life, and in such a short amount of time, so it's likely I'll be going much, much further. 

    Looking forward to learning more about PSTEC Physical.

    Back to the salt mines…

    P.S.  I should add that I've had a low-grade headache every day since August 26, '14 from an accidental hit to the head.  I went to the doctor, but there's not much that was offered to me.  How can I phrase a believable statement when the pain is physically happening?