Reply To: Concussions / Brain Injuries


    Yes there is real physical damage but remember our bodies are made to heal and YOU WILL heal it will take time but I bet using PSTEC it will be a lot quicker then it took me to heal from my accident. That's good that you are studying the program so closely but don't forget to use your own intuition and feelings to guide you. Click track that “internal hammer” and don't let it slow you down. Click Track on those “Certain Things” and see if that doesn't make you feel better.
    The headache WILL go away I was the same way after my head injury I had a problem with my balance I would hit my head often to, I was in a coma for a month my whole right side was paralyzed I had to relearn to walk and everything. So I know if I can do it YOU can do it. Keep up with the PSTEC and think POSITIVE. Don't listen to the limiting things the doctors are telling you because you will recover. I know right now you may have a hard time believing it but trust me I went through the exact same thing you are going through. I won't even tell you of embarrassing things I went through at that time but I got through it, without PSTEC, so you have a heads up. You have a great program that is going to help you build more confidence in your self and help you to overcome your limiting beliefs. You can do it!!