Reply To: Concussions / Brain Injuries

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    Since I'm here for a few days I think I can offer something useful here.

    Hmmm. Head injuries can be unpleasant as I know from recent personal experience….
    (Last year I had a serious head injury. I broke the bone behind my right eye and I also cracked the top of my skull)

    Thank you very much Lisa for pointing out that a medical prognosis is NOT a description of the future.

    My own GP has told me in person that doctors have absolutely no idea what will happen with any given patient.

    Whatever the doctor told you will have been based on little more than speculation. Also remember that their other patients will have been told to expect the worst too so if some of their patients didn't do so well it's hardly surpsising.

    No one should EVER accept negative suggestions about their own levels of recovery. In our personal experience doctors are great at medicine but awful at predictions. We even met one guy in the renal unit who had been told 40 years ago that he would soon need kidney dialysis. He never has.

    Ignore it.  The human brain is incredibly resilient and also extremely adaptable. Stroke patients regularly recover much or all of any function they may have lost. Take the view that all will be fine and you will almost always get the best possible result.

    Oh and the physical issues tutorial is probably not one to go for in this instance. PSTEC Positive will do the job every bit as well.