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    Hello Paula
    An EEf is still a Click track and essentially has the same function as the free one. It's just more powerful. The tapping Accelerators can be used as click tracks but have other functions.
    At step 1 you can use either a free Click Track, an EEf or an accelerator.
    When to use them is partly a matter of personal choice but is also explained in their accompanying tutorials. In brief….
    If click tracking a few things be sure to use a variety of the tracks. If something is very strong or resistant generally use an EEf if you have them. If possible use a tapping accelerator about every 5th click track or so if you have them. They have multiple uses though so do refer to that particular tutorial for full details.
    I know it's brief but I'm on my phone typing this. Please excuse any typos.
    Kind Regards, Tim
    Ps Welcome!