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    Lorena Stanley
    PSTEC User


      Quick question on order of tools.  I just purchased PSTEC Negative.  I understand the order of:

      1. Click Tracks for release of strong negative emotions
      2. PSTEC Negative to remove unwanted beliefs
      3. PSTEC Positive to replace the “void” with a positive belief (that relates to the negative one removed).

      My questions are:
      1.  I have PSTEC Level 1 & in addition to Positive (track 1 & 2) it includes EEF (track 1 & 2).  Where do the EEF tracks fit in the order of things?  I'm assuming it can be used in step 1 (in addition to the free click tracks), just confirming.
      2.  I also have PSTEC Accelerator (track 1 & 2 – tapping).  Where do the Accelerator tracks fit in?  I'm assuming it can be used in step 1 (in addition to the free click tracks), just confirming.

      If I'm correct, then when should EEF tracks be used and when should Accelerator tracks be used (aren't they doing the same thing, speeding up the process)?

      Thank you!

      PSTEC User

        I don't think the EEFs do the same thing as the Accelators. I am a newbie so please someone help me if I'm not correct. I think the EEFs can be used instead of the free CT and the Accelators you use along with the EEFs to accelerate the CT. So I think the order would go:
        1. Free track or EEFS
        2. PSTEC negative
        3. PSTEC Positive
        I'm not sure where the accelerators would fit in, but that came from page 14 on the User Gude of PN.
        I hope this helps and I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will add the appropriate sequence with the Accelators

        Lorena Stanley
        PSTEC User

          Thank you Lisa!

          Yes, I'm still curious about the accelerators.  I'd like to better understand where they fit in.  I hope someone can chime in. 

          Also, I'm still wondering how the EEFs work too.  If the EEFs are instead of the Click Tracks, when do you decide to use EEFs vs. Click Tracks or is it in combination, etc… 

          For now I'll just not use the EEFs or Accelerators until I hear back since I'm so confused.


          Lorena Stanley
          PSTEC User

            UPDATE: I just read Jeff's reply in another post:

            You can use the ATT (Accelerator Tapping Track) either to clear emotions in “Step 1” or you can use the ATT for the PSTEC Positive belief suggestion ,Step 3 of the process because the ATT's can be used for either emotions or belief suggestion.

            So my “modified” question is:  When do you use it in Step 1?  Before/after/instead of Click Tracks?  And what about EEFs?  Before/after/instead?

            The same questions on Step 3.

            Sorry, I have so many questions, but I want to make sure I use the right tool at the appropriate time/sequence.


            PSTEC User

              Sorry I couldn't help I will be looking forward to someone else's input in this.

              Lorena Stanley
              PSTEC User

                I really appreciate you reading my question Lisa and giving me your input!  I'm obviously a newbie too and just want to use all the tools the right way.

                I think PSTEC is great!  I'm appreciative we've been introduced to tools to help ourselves.  I guess I'm still in the learning curve part of the process.

                I hope someone see's the question that knows the answer(s).  Thanks again Lisa!  Have a great weekend ahead!

                PSTEC User

                  No problem I wish I could've helped more. I am looking forward to the answer you receive and I'm like you im so grateful to have found a program that I can use to help myself.
                  I hope you have a great weekend also!

                  PSTEC Accounts

                    Hello Paula
                    An EEf is still a Click track and essentially has the same function as the free one. It's just more powerful. The tapping Accelerators can be used as click tracks but have other functions.
                    At step 1 you can use either a free Click Track, an EEf or an accelerator.
                    When to use them is partly a matter of personal choice but is also explained in their accompanying tutorials. In brief….
                    If click tracking a few things be sure to use a variety of the tracks. If something is very strong or resistant generally use an EEf if you have them. If possible use a tapping accelerator about every 5th click track or so if you have them. They have multiple uses though so do refer to that particular tutorial for full details.
                    I know it's brief but I'm on my phone typing this. Please excuse any typos.
                    Kind Regards, Tim
                    Ps Welcome!

                    Lorena Stanley
                    PSTEC User

                      Thank you Tim!  I sincerely appreciate your clarity!  Yes, I do have the EEFs and the Accelerators and now I do have a better understanding of how to use them!

                      And one more BIG THANK YOU for creating these Self Help Tools!  You are liberating many people!  Have a wonderful weekend!

                      PSTEC User

                        Great Tim Thank you. That definitely helped me. Hopefully I will be able to get them soon.
                        Paula is right you are liberating a lot of people and thankfully I am one of them.

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