Reply To: Using PSTEC CTs while exercising

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Howie … again, find what works for you, but I do not recommend “splitting” your concentration between your PSTEC work and anything else.  The harder you TRY TO feel the feeling with emotional work and the more you focus on your vision or idea and feeling of success with beliefs changed through PSTEC Positive, the more effective you will be.

    When people try and “cram” too much at once and multi-task, it's usually when we try and do too much… when we are compelled because we fear we won't do enough.

    So, my encouragement is to make your Mind Model work… your work with your PSTEC Tools to shift that Mind Model … the most important aspect of Life because it's YOU that is important in this and YOU deserve that attention… plus, it's more effective as well.  Do that and the rest will follow in terms of manifesting in your Life.

    But, as always, practice what helps you in the manner best for you and look for results.