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      i have been using PSTEC for at least a month. I am familiar with EFT, NLP, hypnotherapy, ZPoint, and I am a Usui Reiki Master but my day job is IT Trainer. During the summer to combat stress I return to fast walking 14 kilometres each morning. Most of the time I play music on my smartphone but recently I have switched to PSTEC tracks because I found that walking brought out a lot of emotions, and I decided to tackle them right there as I walked. Even though I keep my eyes open  8) and I play one track while walking the first 7 km (“clicks” in the military parlance) and a second track on the way back. They are equally effective walking with my eyes open or sitting down. Be careful though, I am walking on a protected pathway with no other traffic than other walkers. I do not want people doing it in the midst of traffic ! I have even successfully used it while sitting at a local cafe. I wonder if anybody has tried it while riding public transportation?

      Best wishes to all.


        Hey LeoMI,

        I know one of the accelerators is intended for use anywhere, it's super short and no tapping involved.

        I'm curious about trying the click tracks in the fresh air… I live around hills and mountains, so I'll climb up, have a seat, and give it a try.  Thanks for the idea.

        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

          Hi Leo and Howie… be careful about using any type of Click Tracks… no recommended at all while driving walking, etc. (as you said Leo … be safe!!1); but, also, even while walking safely, you may not be exerting the necessary focus on the issue… so, bottom line, look for results and if not, find a comfortable, quiet, undisturbed location to use the CT's.

          Also, both Accelerator Tapping Tracks are tapping tracks.
          The only Accelerator tracks that do not involve tapping are the relaxation tracks but those are not used for emotions, beliefs or behaviors; but for use after doing a sessions or other times to relax the mind's recall and “smooth out” the scrambled mind as it processes… also to slow recall.

          Be sure to read or listen to the instructions for each package… twice at least!

          Malama Pono!


            Rather, it was the non-tapping (3 minutes) in the PSTEC Positive package I was thinking of, confused it with one of the accelerators.

            Jeff Harding
            PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

              Hi Howie … again, find what works for you, but I do not recommend “splitting” your concentration between your PSTEC work and anything else.  The harder you TRY TO feel the feeling with emotional work and the more you focus on your vision or idea and feeling of success with beliefs changed through PSTEC Positive, the more effective you will be.

              When people try and “cram” too much at once and multi-task, it's usually when we try and do too much… when we are compelled because we fear we won't do enough.

              So, my encouragement is to make your Mind Model work… your work with your PSTEC Tools to shift that Mind Model … the most important aspect of Life because it's YOU that is important in this and YOU deserve that attention… plus, it's more effective as well.  Do that and the rest will follow in terms of manifesting in your Life.

              But, as always, practice what helps you in the manner best for you and look for results.



                Hi Jeff,

                I was more or less envisioning sitting outside in a secure spot breathing in fresh air while CTing.  It held some appeal for me, but I do get that multi-tasking with PSTEC could/would interfere with staying safe.  (I won't hang off the side of a cliff and click track…promise:)

                I'm clearing out all the dumb things that's ever been said to me over the decades by mental health professionals, and man, is there ever a lot, most of which had left me furious.  I'm exhausted doing these particular negative feelings, but the effort is paying off.  I've booked a flight out of town for two weeks, something I wouldn't have conceived of a month ago.

                What a difference a few weeks makes, can't wait to see my progress by this Christmas…


                Jeff Harding
                PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                  aloha Howie… I was also giving some instruction for the general public as well and an earlier part of the thread about walking and CT'ing.  Again, if something works, I encourage it, but also be safe.

                  By the way, hanging off a cliff while CT'ing is one of the exceptions and quite effective… OK, NO EVERYONE … JUST KIDDING!  :)

                  Ah, very nice work and an excellent subject… doctors and other figures of authority.  Two points to consider in there…

                  1. Be sure when you CT, to release any negative feelings about those figures of authority.  In others words, the less we harbor in resentment … and, as you pointed out, Howie, anger … the easier it is for us to move forward into a new and more free mind model and I know this is very, very important and helpful for us in terms of our physical health.  As Tim says, 'Doctors are great at medicine but awful at predictions.'  Clearing any anger and resentment or other negative feelings towards them allows us to utilize their expertise when needed with impunity and also allows us to help maintain our bodies more efficiently.

                  2. Those negative beliefs that were suggested by authority figures… great fodder for PSTEC Negative!

                  Fly careful, Howie!!!


                    Right on! you can dangle and CT… ohhh, hang on, too bad.  ;);D

                    Good point about not closing the barn door after the horse has moved on, glad you brought it up.


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