Reply To: Using PSTEC CTs while exercising

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    aloha Howie… I was also giving some instruction for the general public as well and an earlier part of the thread about walking and CT'ing.  Again, if something works, I encourage it, but also be safe.

    By the way, hanging off a cliff while CT'ing is one of the exceptions and quite effective… OK, NO EVERYONE … JUST KIDDING!  :)

    Ah, very nice work and an excellent subject… doctors and other figures of authority.  Two points to consider in there…

    1. Be sure when you CT, to release any negative feelings about those figures of authority.  In others words, the less we harbor in resentment … and, as you pointed out, Howie, anger … the easier it is for us to move forward into a new and more free mind model and I know this is very, very important and helpful for us in terms of our physical health.  As Tim says, 'Doctors are great at medicine but awful at predictions.'  Clearing any anger and resentment or other negative feelings towards them allows us to utilize their expertise when needed with impunity and also allows us to help maintain our bodies more efficiently.

    2. Those negative beliefs that were suggested by authority figures… great fodder for PSTEC Negative!

    Fly careful, Howie!!!