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    Interesting to see a thread I started 5 months ago…and sad that I”m still in the same situation.  :(

    It's been 14 months since my breakup and although I have periods where I”m doing pretty well, I still crash and burn (today being a doozy).  I confess I don't do PSTec consistently but I do remember to pull it out now and then and although it sometimes seems to give a little bit of relief (esp if I'm feeling EXTREMELY emotional, then it seems to help quite a bit at the moment), the relief doesn't last and the feelings, etc return.

    Is this because I”m not consistent?  I thought I read somewhere that the results are supposed to be permanent, at least w/ the CTs?  (not PS Neg, because beliefs can regrow.)

    Anyway I think the biggest problem is I just can't seem to pinpoint specific feelings or beliefs to work on, it's just the overall anguish of the loss of the r'ship that I can't stand..and yes the loneliness.

    I don't want to erase the love I feel for this guy (as per the original topic) because honestly I want him BACK!!  I know the subconscious will outpicture in our world whatever we can get it to believe in.  I'm trying to make myself believe he loves me but I have, obviously, a LOT of resistance to that.  I feel like I need/want to get rid of the anger, sadness, confusion about why he left, etc and I still don't really know how to get myself to believe I'm loved by this guy. 

    I've come quite a ways in my quest not to blame myself (think I”m not good enough) like I did for a long time…but I wonder if that's still an issue deep down.  I don't know.

    How can I use PS Tec to instill into my subconscious that this guy I love, loves and wants me?  He did before, and I believed it then…it was when I stopped believing it (insecurity) that he left–(this is proof that what the subconscious is trained to believe, is what outpictures.)  I have no positive clues from him on this so it has to all be from within myself. 

    thanks to anyone who reads/replies.