Can we CT to get rid of positive emotions such as love?

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      I asked this in another thread but thought it should have it's own topic.

      Since the basic click tracks can negate emotions, can they be used to eradicate love for a particular person who no longer loves you in return?

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        I'm sorry to hear that this is something you have had to contemplate.  “yes” it's possible to do this as long as the feeling is no seen to be negative.. It's something I actually discuss on the Advanced package.. If you absolutely need to let go of feeling for someone through no choice of your own then you can indeed click track feelings of love, desire, longing, etc. BUT I must stress that this is fairly drastic action and as such not something to undertake lightly in any way. Going back, might not be an option. As such to do this one has to have reached a point of no return and also to have absolutely decided that the feeling no longer serves any positive purpose. With the advent of PSTEC Negative my personal preference would be to address the belief first … (that of loving them). See how that goes for a few days first and prefer not to click track it unless absolutely necessary.    I hope this answer is helpful.

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          Thanks Tim. Yes I was thinking the very thing you said..about how it would probably be an irreversible decision (click tracking the love away).  Hence I definitely would wait before I would try it. 

          If using PS Negative what exactly do you think I'd say ..I mean, what is the belief here that I'd be getting rid of?  The situation is I loved (and still love) this guy 100%, we were in a solid r'ship for a year but out of nowhere he broke us up (basically because he's a commitmentphobe).

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            Personally I think there are times when we simply need to see things through even though it might be painful. Sometimes one needs to see where life goes first before ever undertaking to use PSTEC in the way you asked about.

            To answer your question though in regard to PSTEC Negative, it would probably be the following PSTEC Negative statement. “it is my belief that I love them”.  It might seem innocuous but it's not a PN statement to be used lightly. 

            The following PSTEC Negative statement: “It is my belief that I love them today” should be less permanent but still might have lasting consequences so it's not something I would generally advise either.

            For temporary relief a click track on feelings of sadness/loneliness would be fine. As would PSTEC Negative on “It is my belief that I cannot cope”. That would be much safer since it doesn't put an end to anything. Then you can even follow it with PSTEC Positive to the effect that you will cope easily.
            (pick your own words)

            The reason I very strongly suggest REAL caution here is because love is a precious commodity and plenty of relationships have rocky patches but come good again. 
            It's really for this reason that I don't even discuss this potential use of PSTEC in PSTEC Level one but you asked the question so it deserved an answer.

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              Thanks Tim, I truly appreciate your detailed response.

              I myself am not ready or willing to do this and am taking the approach you suggest which is to see what life hands out….

              But I mentioned this to a friend who has been agonizing over a lost love for close to a year and although they have stayed in touch he has shown absolutely no interest in starting a r'ship w/ her again. So she is tempted to CT to get rid of how she feels.

              She does not have PSTec Negative.

              I'll share w/ her what you said. I like your suggestions and will continue to work w/ the PSTec tools I have (basic, Level 1, and Negative so far) w/out erradicating the love itself.

              warm regards,

              Peter Bunyan
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                Well done! (Sounds of hands clapping)
                Keep on Clicking

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                  Interesting to see a thread I started 5 months ago…and sad that I”m still in the same situation.  :(

                  It's been 14 months since my breakup and although I have periods where I”m doing pretty well, I still crash and burn (today being a doozy).  I confess I don't do PSTec consistently but I do remember to pull it out now and then and although it sometimes seems to give a little bit of relief (esp if I'm feeling EXTREMELY emotional, then it seems to help quite a bit at the moment), the relief doesn't last and the feelings, etc return.

                  Is this because I”m not consistent?  I thought I read somewhere that the results are supposed to be permanent, at least w/ the CTs?  (not PS Neg, because beliefs can regrow.)

                  Anyway I think the biggest problem is I just can't seem to pinpoint specific feelings or beliefs to work on, it's just the overall anguish of the loss of the r'ship that I can't stand..and yes the loneliness.

                  I don't want to erase the love I feel for this guy (as per the original topic) because honestly I want him BACK!!  I know the subconscious will outpicture in our world whatever we can get it to believe in.  I'm trying to make myself believe he loves me but I have, obviously, a LOT of resistance to that.  I feel like I need/want to get rid of the anger, sadness, confusion about why he left, etc and I still don't really know how to get myself to believe I'm loved by this guy. 

                  I've come quite a ways in my quest not to blame myself (think I”m not good enough) like I did for a long time…but I wonder if that's still an issue deep down.  I don't know.

                  How can I use PS Tec to instill into my subconscious that this guy I love, loves and wants me?  He did before, and I believed it then…it was when I stopped believing it (insecurity) that he left–(this is proof that what the subconscious is trained to believe, is what outpictures.)  I have no positive clues from him on this so it has to all be from within myself. 

                  thanks to anyone who reads/replies.

                  Peter Bunyan
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