Reply To: Removing Happiness…


    Try putting the happiness on a schedule. I've been kind of a video game addict much of my life, and I find that when I schedule time so I can play games every day, even if it's 30 minutes or an hour, that “takes care of” the day for me. My underlying fear is that I won't get a chance to play my games so I procrastinate from other stuff, so if I schedule it in, I have that guarantee that games will be played that day and my mind no longer fears that it won't happen.

    One author, Andy Shaw of “A Bug-Free Mind,” instructs and repeatedly insists (“Yes, I'm gonna keep bringing this up!”) that the first key to success is to have 15 minutes of positive thought every single day, as it will give you control of your mind, and you can start creating your life by design. All other things being equal, happiness is a powerful state, while fear is the opposite.

    One more thing: you made a remark about dying of starvation, so consider this, if only hypothetically: if you were going to die, would you prefer to die happy or would you prefer to die feeling sadness and despair?

    And if you feel bad about being happy, it's time to use PSTEC to deal with those feelings and beliefs. Obviously, you recognize that there is a problem and are addressing it. Feeling guilty or ashamed or bad about it can only slow down your progress, and may even contribute to keeping the situation “stuck,” so tap on that.