Reply To: Removing Happiness…


    Starving to death?? Are you not eating? I'm sorry I didn't mean to make fun of your situation I didn't realize you weren't eating. Yes there is definitely a problem there. Is the CT not helping with your situation? Have you tried CT on the emotion of not eating or is there an emotion that you can pin point that makes you not eat?
    Again I apologize I didn't realize your situation. Hopefully Tim will come on and reply to help you out if there is anything I can do to help please let me know and again I'm so sorry.

    Lol, you misunderstand. I'm eating fine, but when I achieve that blissful state, I just forget about food, and also see no point to do anything towards my life's aspirations because I'm 100% content and happy.

    Truly the kiss of death.

    But yeah, where's Tim? lol