Reply To: New Way of Doing PSTEC Negative


    Interesting idea. 

    How about, instead of using actual frig magnets or otherwise manipulating the letters physically while doing PN, what if we wrote the sentence the normal way, and then on another piece of paper, wrote it all garbled, maybe all the letters jumbled. Then, while doing PN, look at the jumbled one sometimes when we're supposed to mix it up, but glance at the regular one sometimes to keep it in mind.

    Would that work?  Because I do have trouble jumbling the sentence in my mind..but looking at a snapshot of the sentence jumbled would possibly help to visualize doing that.

    Haven't tried this approach yet, just thought of it while reading this post.

    Another thing…maybe these sorts of techniques could be used at first and then w/ practice one could learn to visualize mixing up the sentence easier and not need the 'props' anymore.

    What do you think, Tim? (and others).