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      I was just sitting down tonight to do another round of PSTEC Negative and I had an idea. I remembered playing with letter magnets on a fridge where each individual letter is a magnet and you can rearrange them to make any word on the fridge.

      I took that concept and wrote down my belief in big letters on a page. I then cut each letter separately. I then put each individual letter back into the original sentence. Instead of using my hands for the tapping, I used my feet ( worked just as well!)

      So instead of trying to imagine moving the words and letters around, I was actually doing it. It felt good. It felt more real and that I was really destroying the sentence. I started by switching the order of words around and reading the sentence so it made no sense, and then really mixing up the letters and then finally just jumbling the letters completely. It felt like I was almost putting anger into destroying it…

      Anyway, thought I would share that. Not sure if you would advise that but I thought I would give it a go. As for the result, I'm not sure. I'll have to see in real life.

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        Hi Mark, what an interesting way to use PN. I believe that this suggested method may have real value in certain contexts.
        Will it yield the same kind of result as doing it the way I suggest? I don't know is the honest answer. I think it will work fine but I've never tested it this way. As such I'll be interested to hear your reports on progress if you continue to do this.
        Some people have said they have trouble imagining and the scramble and I guess that may have been the impetus here? Or is it simply the creative juices flowing?
        Whichever it is, your post is an interesting one. My expectation is that this will work just fine but do share your results too please.

        PSTEC User

          Hi, Mark.

          Yes, please do keep us posted on how you make out with this – before I dash off to buy a set of alphabet fridge magnets!


          PSTEC User

            Wonderful Idea!! Something I will definitely try as well. Keep us posted!

            PSTEC Accounts

              Hi All.
              Before rushing out to buy fridge magnet letters by the score I should perhaps add the following.
              I see this as potentially having value only where someone really struggles to do the process in the way I suggest.
              Remember it's not essential to visualise, just to imagine.
              Also opening your eyes to look periodically at the sentence as originally written by you on the paper is designed to remind the subconscious what's being worked on. That's important and it's not going to happen with the fridge magnet approach. …..Unless you also have it written on paper and look at that from time to time instead of the magnets.  With all of that said, such experiments are definitely worth doing and I'll be interested in your reported results.

              PSTEC User

                Thank you Tim for the follow up on this. Glad to know I don't have to buy buckets of letter magnets lol.

                PSTEC User

                  Interesting idea. 

                  How about, instead of using actual frig magnets or otherwise manipulating the letters physically while doing PN, what if we wrote the sentence the normal way, and then on another piece of paper, wrote it all garbled, maybe all the letters jumbled. Then, while doing PN, look at the jumbled one sometimes when we're supposed to mix it up, but glance at the regular one sometimes to keep it in mind.

                  Would that work?  Because I do have trouble jumbling the sentence in my mind..but looking at a snapshot of the sentence jumbled would possibly help to visualize doing that.

                  Haven't tried this approach yet, just thought of it while reading this post.

                  Another thing…maybe these sorts of techniques could be used at first and then w/ practice one could learn to visualize mixing up the sentence easier and not need the 'props' anymore.

                  What do you think, Tim? (and others).

                  PSTEC Accounts

                    Hi everyone. I'm going to reiterate what I said about not having to clearly visualise this. It is sufficient to imagine. To illustrate that everyone can imagine here are some examples.
                    Imagine winning the lottery. Imagine being fabulously wealthy.
                    Or… What is the worst thing that  could happen tomorrow?

                    Everyone can imagine these things because everyone can imagine but people do it in their own way. Some are visual others less so but we can all imagine in our own way. The instructions advise only to imagine….not necessarily to visualise. Although of course that's fine too. The fridge magnet approach is not one I'd advise for reasons already covered. Hopefully this is helpful.
                    Kind Regards

                    PSTEC User

                      Thank you Tim for clarifying visualization and imagination I bet that will clear up a lot of the questions, I know it did for me. Thanks again

                      PSTEC User

                        I've been using Negative again and having the same trouble as before. It is hard to imagine jumbling the sentence when I have to keep looking at it as it stands.  I know Tim said we don't have to visualize it, just imagine it. I guess in this context I don't understand the difference? How do you Imagine it w/out visualizing it??

                        I'm still curious about the idea I posted above — writing the sentence twice, once normally and once jumbled, and look back and forth at them while doing the track.  Also maybe focus on the jumbled one right before closing eyes, to get a jumbled impression in mind, then open eyes to see normal sentence to put it back in mind. (keep doing this).

                        I'm gonna try it and see if it feels like my negative belief is gone.  I'm not using Negative nearly enough because I have so much trouble doing the mind jumble thing.  I don't think it's working because I still have the negative beliefs.  (That could just be due to having to do more sessions, I dont know.).  I have a lot of negative beliefs I want to get rid of!  I'll comment again if my approach seems to work.

                        Would appreciate comments from Tim especially.  Thanks.

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