Reply To: New Way of Doing PSTEC Negative


    I've been using Negative again and having the same trouble as before. It is hard to imagine jumbling the sentence when I have to keep looking at it as it stands.  I know Tim said we don't have to visualize it, just imagine it. I guess in this context I don't understand the difference? How do you Imagine it w/out visualizing it??

    I'm still curious about the idea I posted above — writing the sentence twice, once normally and once jumbled, and look back and forth at them while doing the track.  Also maybe focus on the jumbled one right before closing eyes, to get a jumbled impression in mind, then open eyes to see normal sentence to put it back in mind. (keep doing this).

    I'm gonna try it and see if it feels like my negative belief is gone.  I'm not using Negative nearly enough because I have so much trouble doing the mind jumble thing.  I don't think it's working because I still have the negative beliefs.  (That could just be due to having to do more sessions, I dont know.).  I have a lot of negative beliefs I want to get rid of!  I'll comment again if my approach seems to work.

    Would appreciate comments from Tim especially.  Thanks.