Reply To: Identifying Negative Core Beliefs

zen life

    Hi Lisa. Well first I'd like to share that I get REALLY tired after doing each session of PN or the click tracks. I take that as a sign that my subconscious is working very hard to unravel all this wiring. I have elected to drop down to doing this every 2-3 days and see if allowing the mind to rest is a better idea. I was starting to feel like I was doing too much of a good thing. I've noticed I've had a short fuse lately and I was wondering if this relates to any of this work. Someone else commented dealing with some anger after working on a negative core belief.

    As for new insights…it is really a matter of doing lots of self exploration of who your authentic self is that you are trying to uncover. With that said, peeling back the layers of the onion will expose a self free(r) of fears and self limiting beliefs that can't but help you be more fully yourself, right?! It's all about the journey so just remember that the process is supposed to be fun and a mystery slowly unraveling. Being too destination oriented is counter productive in all matters of spirituality IMO.

    How about you Lisa? Anything you'd care to share about what you've experienced thus far?

    Nicole (Zen Life)