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    zen life
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      Hey everyone,

      I thought I would share a tool I use to identify my dominant core belief(s). I've heard that all negative core beliefs can be placed into one of three categories:
      1. I can't because I am not good enough/worthy.
      2. I can't because people won't like/love me.
      3. I can't because if I try I will fail.

      Most of my issues stem from the 3rd – otherwise known as “the fear of failure”. This really helped me use Tim's tool with certainty that I am nailing the deepest level. I am using it every morning or two and also using the click tracks to tackle unwanted emotions when they pop into my awareness. For example: my kids went to visit my mother for the day yesterday and all her plans for them fell through. This triggered some old resentments and fears of mine. So today I reflected on it and wrote down some sentences that stimulated my unwanted emotions, such as “my mom disappoints me”; “My mom can't do anything right”; and “my mom cannot be trusted”. After doing the click track there was still some residual unwanted negative emotions so I rewrote my sentences as follows and did the click track once again…”I disappoint myself”; “I can't do anything right” and “I cannot be trusted”. This neutralized it. I really like this turn around technique as it addresses our natural tendency of projecting.

      I hope someone finds this helpful. I am really enjoying the self discovery involved in taking Tim's tools on board for daily practice. We all deserve to be free of unwanted limiting core beliefs and knee-jerk negative emotions. I am really excited by the potential for freedom. I am feeling some shifts already but I think it may take ongoing deprogramming to totally rid my subconscious of these old relics. I am willing and able to do the work on my end. Thanks to Tim for these tools.

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        Hi Zen thank you for sharing those 3 core beliefs. They have helped me out a lot in identifying certain triggers that I have. I can say that 1 and 3 are both pretty big for me.
        How has it been coming for you? Have you had any more insights?

        zen life
        PSTEC User

          Hi Lisa. Well first I'd like to share that I get REALLY tired after doing each session of PN or the click tracks. I take that as a sign that my subconscious is working very hard to unravel all this wiring. I have elected to drop down to doing this every 2-3 days and see if allowing the mind to rest is a better idea. I was starting to feel like I was doing too much of a good thing. I've noticed I've had a short fuse lately and I was wondering if this relates to any of this work. Someone else commented dealing with some anger after working on a negative core belief.

          As for new insights…it is really a matter of doing lots of self exploration of who your authentic self is that you are trying to uncover. With that said, peeling back the layers of the onion will expose a self free(r) of fears and self limiting beliefs that can't but help you be more fully yourself, right?! It's all about the journey so just remember that the process is supposed to be fun and a mystery slowly unraveling. Being too destination oriented is counter productive in all matters of spirituality IMO.

          How about you Lisa? Anything you'd care to share about what you've experienced thus far?

          Nicole (Zen Life)

          PSTEC User

            Hi Nicole
            I have shared
            it's been kinda like a daily journal for me, which I slipped up cause I didn't update yesterday. But I have been having some really good results. Like you, it does make me really tired and I know when I get tired or hungry I can be a real bitch lol.
            You are so right about peeling the layers back, PSTEC has made it a little quicker for me though. And I never thought of it being like a mystery it does make it seem like more fun than a daunting task that HAS to be done. I have definitely tried to hide from my authentic self and was always “scared to go there” so thinking of it as a mystery makes it seem easier.

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