Reply To: PSTEC to increase fatloss and build muscle..

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    There are several ways to approach this Benjamin…

    You can focus on a particular task or specific aspect, like building stronger and more flexible core muscles.  If you do, as always, be sure to keep each individual PP Sentence to one thought. So, your example, “putting on muscle while also losing fat” … that contains two thoughts, one about putting on muscle and one about losing fat… keep those separate in sentences.

    Also, keep in mind to “craft” a vision of what you desire. A bigger vision.  Then, consider the characteristics of that vision. Break that vision down not to “how” you do it, but how you imagine it with details. If I am “in better shape”; what does that look like in your imagination?  See it, hear it, feel it, taste it as they say.  Then, begin to craft PP Statements to express that vision… in other words, craft beliefs and behaviors that support that vision.

    For example… If I aspire to a certain vision of health and fitness, then what beliefs support it?  Well, here are some general ideas…

    I exercise regularly because I love maintaining a high fitness level

    I eat healthy foods because it helps to keep me in excellent physical condition

    You see?

    Now… one new tool that you definitely want to invest in is PSTEC Negative to erase the negative beliefs that are contrary to your Vision of Health and Fitness.

    What I am saying is to gain a detailed vision of what you desire… not the “how to” get there, but the end result as you desire.  Then, begin to suggest that vision to your subconscious through detailed characteristics of the vision and also detailed character traits you wish to “become” to make that happen.

    Another suggestion is Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC… now, that program is not JUST about money and wealth.  It's about allowing abundance… yes, sure, abundance of wealth, but also an abundance of wonderful relationships and excellent health!

    So, there you go… hee hee … really filled ya up with all that, yah?  :)