Reply To: No Difference After PSTEC?

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Mark…  it depends what the issue is… difficult to comment specifically without, well, specifics.  ;)

    * Could be that you have missed something in the instructions … no reason to feel bad about that, if so … mistakes are made quite often and that's why we are here, to help correct that when we can.

    * Could be that some strong beliefs are getting in the way and the PSTEC Click Tracks do not work on those types of aspects… that is the job of PSTEC Positive and PSTEC Negative.

    * From another post or so you have made, looks like you maintain a strong belief that you are not suggestible, therefore, creating an environment that resists change.  Not necessarily a conscious one, but one that is a part of your mind model nonetheless.

    By the way, your hypnosis experiences would not have any affect with PSTEC because PSTEC is not hypnosis. As for being suggestible, again, this is a belief only… and can be addressed with PSTEC Positive and/or PSTEC Negative.
    We are all suggestible otherwise we would not have some of the negative beliefs and the limiting mind model we have.  You see?  You did not choose to maintain a limiting mind model, but there it is, so to speak.

    You may benefit from investing in yourself to get some guidance from a practitioner on the use of PSTEC and also helping to better target the PSTEC Tools for maximum effectiveness.