No Difference After PSTEC?

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    PSTEC User

      Is anyone having noticeable success with this?

      I do the click tracks and feel the same after and also don't notice any change in my life/behaviour/beliefs/fears etc.

      Hypnosis never worked for me. Is there a way to be more suggestible? I'm not trying to resist it at all. If someone telling me that my lifelong problem was nonsense could immediately erase my problem, that would be fantastic but I guess my brain doesn't believe it.

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Mark…  it depends what the issue is… difficult to comment specifically without, well, specifics.  ;)

        * Could be that you have missed something in the instructions … no reason to feel bad about that, if so … mistakes are made quite often and that's why we are here, to help correct that when we can.

        * Could be that some strong beliefs are getting in the way and the PSTEC Click Tracks do not work on those types of aspects… that is the job of PSTEC Positive and PSTEC Negative.

        * From another post or so you have made, looks like you maintain a strong belief that you are not suggestible, therefore, creating an environment that resists change.  Not necessarily a conscious one, but one that is a part of your mind model nonetheless.

        By the way, your hypnosis experiences would not have any affect with PSTEC because PSTEC is not hypnosis. As for being suggestible, again, this is a belief only… and can be addressed with PSTEC Positive and/or PSTEC Negative.
        We are all suggestible otherwise we would not have some of the negative beliefs and the limiting mind model we have.  You see?  You did not choose to maintain a limiting mind model, but there it is, so to speak.

        You may benefit from investing in yourself to get some guidance from a practitioner on the use of PSTEC and also helping to better target the PSTEC Tools for maximum effectiveness.


        PSTEC Accounts

          Thanks for the question.

          As you'll see from the forum posts of others your experience is extremely unusual. You haven't said what you've click tracked or for how long and that information would be useful if we or users of PSTEC are to advise you further.

          What I can confirm is that almost everyone finds that the Click Tracks work very well indeed. Others may feel to post encouragement here but even PSTEC will only work if the instructions are carefully followed.

          For this reason I would suggest that you re-listen to the instructions very carefully and also check the FAQ on the website. Common problems are addressed there. If you have used the likes of EFT then don't confuse the two for example.

          Your comment re hypnosis interesting though because it perhaps implies that maybe you think you are not suggestible. I'm not sure if that's what you mean or not.  Just in case it is then I probably should say this:  I explained in a recent tutorial ALL humans are highly suggestible. Suggestability is not randomly distributed as others have claimed.

          Your understanding of the structure of something like an atom is an example I often use. Others have given you suggestions about such thingswhich you have almist certainly accepted. You will have accepted tens of thousands of such suggestions about the reality of the world.

          In the recent tutorial I gave countless examples to prove we are all highly suggestible  but also pointed out that we are selectively suggestible. Despite their amazing faculty for suggestibility people also block suggestions depending upon the source and the circumstance.

          If someone goes to see a hypnotherapist then they will be given suggestion in order to help them. They might be the finest hypnotist in the world but every client still has a choice over how they listen and whether they allow success or not. Very often a hypnotherapist will have to educate their client before they can get them the success they need. Poor hypnotherpaists don't do this and thjeir results are unreliable at best.  Education re ownership of suggestibility is important in a hypnotic context because if that person is simultaneously telling themselves that it cannot work or does not work then they are changing their own selective process.

          By which I mean that one can desperately want hypnosis to work but sabotage it through not fully understanding the we tune our own selective process.

          Some unscrupulous hypnotists occasionally use something called the hypnotic seal which is designed to render that person subject to hypnosis only when delivered by them. That can cause subsequent problems where someone sees a therapy as being hypnotic. Hopefully such has not been done. Hypnosis and PSTEC are very different of course and should not be confused. Their only similarity is that suggestion is used.

          Fortunately PSTEC tends not to be subject to the same problems as hypnosis. It is designed to cut through as much resistance as possible  and so where snags are ever encountered with PSTEC then referring to the instructions very carefully almost always resolves the problem.

          The last point of course is that there are always other therapies that can be explored so the route to success is never blocked. Sometimes it's simply a matter of finding what suits you.

          Kind Regards


          PSTEC User

            Thanks for the replies. I did the free click tracks months ago for a while on fears of performing but nothing ever budged. So I stopped using it. When PSTEC Negative came out, I thought that would be the best option because it would just crush the beliefs causing my issues.

            So, what I've worked on using PSTEC Negative is different beliefs causing social anxiety.

            So far, some of the beliefs I've worked on are –

            – It is my belief that me busking bothers people

            – If I play badly, my reputation is forever completely destroyed

            – It is my belief that I hate myself

            I've worked on many more but I didn't keep note of each specific belief. Other ones I've worked on are beliefs where I feel that I am bothering people by walking past them on the street etc.

            How do I know that nothing has changed? Because I'm still extremely anxious in real life. Nothing has changed in my fears and perceptions…..any advice? Thanks

            PSTEC Accounts

              Hi Mark 
              I notice that there's reference here to anxiety about performing and also to social anxiety. One is most likely to be a spin off from the other. Where this is the case it's important to work on the underlying anxiety because it causes the other. 
              Can you give some details re the kinds of things you click tracked? 

              With regard to PSTEC Negative a similar thing applies and this is why I talk about leaves and trees in the user guide. The beliefs expressed here are not core beliefs. 
              If the more fundamental beliefs which created them still exist then they will continue to make sense to the subconscious. By which I mean that there is reason for them to exist which is not being addressed. 
              See user guide part two on troubleshooting for more explanation. 
              Although it might seem like it, “It is my belief that I hate myself”. isn't a core belief. This is because it there will be a reason (belief or beliefs)  propping that belief up.  What happens when you put a “because” on that belief to go to a lower level as suggested in the user guide?

              That would be the level to target because it would be core.  Before using PSTEC Negative on the causal belief/s be sure to click track as prr the user guide and spend some time thinking about the best counter examples you can find. 
              Because there are some things that have been missed here 
              I would strongly suggest carefully revisiting the instructions. They are important and if you really get stuck then speaking to.a PSTEC expert might help you sort your way through. 
              Kind Regards

              PSTEC User

                Thanks Tim. I'll try searching deeper for core beliefs. But in terms of just being conditioned to be shy throughout my youth, how would I search deeper?

                I did extensive EFT work (which didn't help) and these same issues kept me stuck – that I have no big clear events that screwed me up – it was just long term conditioning to be shy through strict parenting, strict school, anti social upbringing etc.

                Another issue which kept me stuck with EFT and also your click tracks is that it's basically impossible for me to step into a past or future situation and feel those emotions. To the point where if I have a presentation or performance in half an hour, I'll feel completely fine. It's only when I actually step into the real life situation that the debilitating fear overpowers me……tricky situation. That's why click tracks didn't work for me and why I thought PN would be more ideal.

                PSTEC Accounts

                  Hi Mark, this is why I think revisiting the instructions is so very important. I do not tell anyone to feel the emotion while doing the click tracks. Some do. Some don't. You do not have to feel the emotion. Instead you must TRY hard to feel it throughout and there is a world of difference between those two things.
                  I advise everyone to take every instruction in my tutorials literally and especially so until they experience success. Not doing this can be disastrous in terms of progress.
                  Imagine trying to drive a car with ones foot on the brake. It's sort of similar.

                  For example. Where people have used such things as EFT they sometimes try to use PSTEC in the same way.
                  That doesn't work. They are very different.
                  When using EFT you would have been using set up statement and reminder statements. People must never do that as you use the click tracks. With EFT one does but with PSTEC it is massively counterproductive. This is why I referred to the FAQ because it's covered there.
                  Re: “long term conditioning to be shy through strict parenting, strict school, anti social upbringing etc. ”
                  With regard to PSTEC negative that conditioning would be a good target. Make a list of the CORE beliefs which were instilled and work through them but because they will be mutually supporting you may need to pull a few before you get the structure to collapse.
                  Another point to consider is that change is only experienced consciously when tipping points are reached. If you look at the see saw graphics in the PSTEC Negative user guide and refer to the text you'll realise that change is experienced when the balance is tipped. I know there's a lot to consider. This is why my sincere advice is to double check the instructions and then perhaps to get some one to one guidance. You need those click tracks working because PSTEC is a suite of tools and those are fundamental. Kind Regards, Tim
                  Ps I'm on a phone so please excuse any typos.

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