Reply To: No Difference After PSTEC?

PSTEC Accounts

    Thanks for the question.

    As you'll see from the forum posts of others your experience is extremely unusual. You haven't said what you've click tracked or for how long and that information would be useful if we or users of PSTEC are to advise you further.

    What I can confirm is that almost everyone finds that the Click Tracks work very well indeed. Others may feel to post encouragement here but even PSTEC will only work if the instructions are carefully followed.

    For this reason I would suggest that you re-listen to the instructions very carefully and also check the FAQ on the website. Common problems are addressed there. If you have used the likes of EFT then don't confuse the two for example.

    Your comment re hypnosis interesting though because it perhaps implies that maybe you think you are not suggestible. I'm not sure if that's what you mean or not.  Just in case it is then I probably should say this:  I explained in a recent tutorial ALL humans are highly suggestible. Suggestability is not randomly distributed as others have claimed.

    Your understanding of the structure of something like an atom is an example I often use. Others have given you suggestions about such thingswhich you have almist certainly accepted. You will have accepted tens of thousands of such suggestions about the reality of the world.

    In the recent tutorial I gave countless examples to prove we are all highly suggestible  but also pointed out that we are selectively suggestible. Despite their amazing faculty for suggestibility people also block suggestions depending upon the source and the circumstance.

    If someone goes to see a hypnotherapist then they will be given suggestion in order to help them. They might be the finest hypnotist in the world but every client still has a choice over how they listen and whether they allow success or not. Very often a hypnotherapist will have to educate their client before they can get them the success they need. Poor hypnotherpaists don't do this and thjeir results are unreliable at best.  Education re ownership of suggestibility is important in a hypnotic context because if that person is simultaneously telling themselves that it cannot work or does not work then they are changing their own selective process.

    By which I mean that one can desperately want hypnosis to work but sabotage it through not fully understanding the we tune our own selective process.

    Some unscrupulous hypnotists occasionally use something called the hypnotic seal which is designed to render that person subject to hypnosis only when delivered by them. That can cause subsequent problems where someone sees a therapy as being hypnotic. Hopefully such has not been done. Hypnosis and PSTEC are very different of course and should not be confused. Their only similarity is that suggestion is used.

    Fortunately PSTEC tends not to be subject to the same problems as hypnosis. It is designed to cut through as much resistance as possible  and so where snags are ever encountered with PSTEC then referring to the instructions very carefully almost always resolves the problem.

    The last point of course is that there are always other therapies that can be explored so the route to success is never blocked. Sometimes it's simply a matter of finding what suits you.

    Kind Regards