Reply To: No Difference After PSTEC?


    Thanks for the replies. I did the free click tracks months ago for a while on fears of performing but nothing ever budged. So I stopped using it. When PSTEC Negative came out, I thought that would be the best option because it would just crush the beliefs causing my issues.

    So, what I've worked on using PSTEC Negative is different beliefs causing social anxiety.

    So far, some of the beliefs I've worked on are –

    – It is my belief that me busking bothers people

    – If I play badly, my reputation is forever completely destroyed

    – It is my belief that I hate myself

    I've worked on many more but I didn't keep note of each specific belief. Other ones I've worked on are beliefs where I feel that I am bothering people by walking past them on the street etc.

    How do I know that nothing has changed? Because I'm still extremely anxious in real life. Nothing has changed in my fears and perceptions…..any advice? Thanks