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    Hi Mark 
    I notice that there's reference here to anxiety about performing and also to social anxiety. One is most likely to be a spin off from the other. Where this is the case it's important to work on the underlying anxiety because it causes the other. 
    Can you give some details re the kinds of things you click tracked? 

    With regard to PSTEC Negative a similar thing applies and this is why I talk about leaves and trees in the user guide. The beliefs expressed here are not core beliefs. 
    If the more fundamental beliefs which created them still exist then they will continue to make sense to the subconscious. By which I mean that there is reason for them to exist which is not being addressed. 
    See user guide part two on troubleshooting for more explanation. 
    Although it might seem like it, “It is my belief that I hate myself”. isn't a core belief. This is because it there will be a reason (belief or beliefs)  propping that belief up.  What happens when you put a “because” on that belief to go to a lower level as suggested in the user guide?

    That would be the level to target because it would be core.  Before using PSTEC Negative on the causal belief/s be sure to click track as prr the user guide and spend some time thinking about the best counter examples you can find. 
    Because there are some things that have been missed here 
    I would strongly suggest carefully revisiting the instructions. They are important and if you really get stuck then speaking to.a PSTEC expert might help you sort your way through. 
    Kind Regards