Reply To: No Difference After PSTEC?


    Thanks Tim. I'll try searching deeper for core beliefs. But in terms of just being conditioned to be shy throughout my youth, how would I search deeper?

    I did extensive EFT work (which didn't help) and these same issues kept me stuck – that I have no big clear events that screwed me up – it was just long term conditioning to be shy through strict parenting, strict school, anti social upbringing etc.

    Another issue which kept me stuck with EFT and also your click tracks is that it's basically impossible for me to step into a past or future situation and feel those emotions. To the point where if I have a presentation or performance in half an hour, I'll feel completely fine. It's only when I actually step into the real life situation that the debilitating fear overpowers me……tricky situation. That's why click tracks didn't work for me and why I thought PN would be more ideal.