Reply To: No Difference After PSTEC?

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    Hi Mark, this is why I think revisiting the instructions is so very important. I do not tell anyone to feel the emotion while doing the click tracks. Some do. Some don't. You do not have to feel the emotion. Instead you must TRY hard to feel it throughout and there is a world of difference between those two things.
    I advise everyone to take every instruction in my tutorials literally and especially so until they experience success. Not doing this can be disastrous in terms of progress.
    Imagine trying to drive a car with ones foot on the brake. It's sort of similar.

    For example. Where people have used such things as EFT they sometimes try to use PSTEC in the same way.
    That doesn't work. They are very different.
    When using EFT you would have been using set up statement and reminder statements. People must never do that as you use the click tracks. With EFT one does but with PSTEC it is massively counterproductive. This is why I referred to the FAQ because it's covered there.
    Re: “long term conditioning to be shy through strict parenting, strict school, anti social upbringing etc. ”
    With regard to PSTEC negative that conditioning would be a good target. Make a list of the CORE beliefs which were instilled and work through them but because they will be mutually supporting you may need to pull a few before you get the structure to collapse.
    Another point to consider is that change is only experienced consciously when tipping points are reached. If you look at the see saw graphics in the PSTEC Negative user guide and refer to the text you'll realise that change is experienced when the balance is tipped. I know there's a lot to consider. This is why my sincere advice is to double check the instructions and then perhaps to get some one to one guidance. You need those click tracks working because PSTEC is a suite of tools and those are fundamental. Kind Regards, Tim
    Ps I'm on a phone so please excuse any typos.