Reply To: My ear phones are acting up will it still work.

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Best to get a new set of headphones or ear buds … they don't have to be “high end” expensive ones either and, no, surround sound is not required.

    I usually use just a $10-20 pair of ear buds rather than pull out my “higher end” Beats. But, with only one ear working, they may be a bit awkward for you.

    So, it may be ok as it's not a “stereo” recording per se, but the purpose of using headphones is to help eliminate distractions and make sure you can pick up on all the nuanced words and sounds that Tim provides.  So, excellent external speakers can be used or headphones serve that purpose as well.

    But, I would get both sides working to give you the most pleasant environment… you're worth it!!  ;D