Reply To: After identifying a core belief


    Thank you for the response Jeff.

    I have been applying pstec to the core beliefs and I am feeling the emotions and click track them away. Right after that I ask my own subconscious to rate it for me on a scale of 1 – 10 to see if I missed anything. If I get a “1” or “none” response I move on the deleting the negative core belief. After that is done I ask my subconscious to rate the emotional baggage/emotions/or just if the belief still exists.

    Here is my sticking point: At times when I do feel emotionally impacted my subconscious tells me the belief is still there and rats the emotional baggage behind it a “9”. Then when I clear my emotions I get a “1” or “none” as response. As a result I am unable to verify if the belief is truly gone. Right after the negative belief track I know it is gone because it feels that way and my subconsicous responds positively. But when I feel impacted by either watching a sad movie or reading something that makes me feel X negative than my subconscious says the belief is still there.  Could you shed some light on this?

    As a result of practicing your suggestion I have become more aware of my own emotions and I would like to thank you for that gift you gave me. Thank you.

    ps. I feel my emotional areas are in my heart area / solar plexus when I work on releasing past emotions. Interesting…wonder why