Reply To: After identifying a core belief

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha AAA… many people feel emotional hurt and unplesantness in the heart or chest area.  I could not tell you why… only theorize … but, using the emotional area just allows us to communicate to the subconscious specially what the negative emotions is.  So, my perception is about “using it” rather than trying to figure out the “why” of that.  Similar to the subconscious vision of memories/imagined events.  Some have related that they have a past life memory… do they or not?  It matters not… only that they target it and apply the most effective tool to find freedom from those limiting emotions and beliefs.
    The “whys” like that, to me again, are only intellectual and somewhat interesting, but not pertinent, per se.

    As a result I am unable to verify if the belief is truly gone.
    As Tim says, many times you will not know if a subconscious belief is erased.  You will know over time and while experiencing specific events, but not always immediately.  Tim mentions this, I believe, in the User Guide 2 for PSTEC Neg.

    Practicing communication with the subconscious is beneficial work, but be careful as it is a science, per se, and sometimes one's conscious interpretation may not be completely accurate.

    But when I feel impacted by either watching a sad movie or reading something that makes me feel X negative than my subconscious says the belief is still there.  Could you shed some light on this?

    Difficult to comment on this without more details.

    You would have to look at those specific movies or literature, look to CT or even use the Accelerator Tapping Track and see what comes up.
    But, I would also ask, if you are crying at a movie, is that a “bad” think for you… ask why you want to erase that.  Or, is that the movies or literature speaks to something in your personal experience and reminds you of that?
    Delve a bit more regarding your motivation.

    Aloha nui!