Reply To: Weird permanent anxious pain in pit of stomach after CT

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi SeratoBeats…

    Last night I could not sleep. I would fall in and out of sleep every hour and I got maybe 3 hours of broken sleep the whole night. Now I'm at work and feel horrible. The issue I'm having now is a constant turning pain in my stomach that won't seem to go away. It's almost like a permanent anxious pit in my stomach that is constantly there for no reason.

    Difficult to tell without some assessment, but this is common when one uses the CT's and is not more specific.  For example, when you CT ONLY an emotion without focusing on a memory/imagined event, a physical reaction is possible, in part, because you're trying to “do too much” as once.  When focusing ONLY on an emotion, then you're basically instructing the subconscious to clear ALL memories/imagined events associated with that emotion and, as you can see, that would be quite a task.

    So, perhaps you did focus on a memory, but maybe it was not specific enough.  Or, maybe it was just a very, very strong emotional attachment.  Either way, what you can do is use PSTEC Positive to quell the physical feelings, such as:

    “When I clear emotions with PSTEC my stomach feels at ease”
    … or something along those lines.

    Even though the negative feelings from the past regarding sex and women have been what you guys would call it, obliterated lol, I still find myself testing and thinking about it in the future. I want to just move on and not care. Do I need negative or is the positive power enough? The constant obsessing and thinking about performance are always on my mind although I am 100 times more confident now after the CT.

    That is a matter of patterns and beliefs and behaviors.
    Keep choosing not to “care” by choosing ease and you will reinforce the new pattern of peace.  But, you can also use PSTEC Negative (PN) and PSTEC Positive (PP) to help along these beliefs and patterns… in other words, make it easier on yourself… see below…

    I constantly have this doubt or worry that when the time comes to find a woman or go on a date with one and become intimate that I will be stressed and anxious and possibly not be able to enjoy being in the moment.

    I would recommend using PN to erase any negative belief, but get to the core … ask yourself…

    Why do I belief that I will be stressed and anxious and not enjoying myself on a date?
    .. keep asking why until you get to a core belief or beliefs about who or what you belief you are.  Remember, long belief statement are probably the branches or leaves as Tim calls them and you will work more efficiently and quicker to get to the root or core beliefs with PN.

    When you run that/those negative core beliefs with PN, then follow up with PP, like this…

    “When I am intimate with a woman I feel calm and at ease”
    … or something like that depending upon your desire and how you wish to respond.