Reply To: Weird permanent anxious pain in pit of stomach after CT

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Mahalo for sharing, Serrato…

    Ah, CT shame?  Simple … just imagine a memory or future imagined event… what would shame you?  Would it be approaching a woman and asking to spend some time together… maybe a woman that you feel would be “out of your league” and she actually does reject you… maybe even “smirks” a bit?  Does that person looking down upon you make you feel “down?”  Or, maybe it's not being successful at something; maybe with alot of people or someone in particular watching and critiquing.  Whatever it is, imagine it, TRY HARD to feel shame and CT.

    Remember, don't “force the feeling into the CT”… you don't have to feel the feeling; that's not part of the instructions.  Just TRY HARD to feel the feeling… much different from actually feeling it.  It's ONLY about TRYING HARD to feel it.

    ” he goes through it all the time with women. He even told me times where girls made snickering comments to him and he laughed at them and bounced the comments right back. “

    Do you also see the anger in that response… the attack?

    If someone criticizes me, I will do it right back at them!
    That type of response is because we are attached to the emotion… attached to the belief that someone else affects my self perception… affects my life.
    There is no peace there… no Truly … there is still a harbored grievance and while it may SEEM like it's healthier, it's not… only more subtle which makes it more difficult to recognize and correct.

    But with that said…

    You're on a good track there with the anger toward others, of course…we usually see that first … but also looking to let go of the anger toward self… well … that's a huge move.

    Keep the faith… be willing to do whatever it takes (it seems you are) … and that light in the far, far distance will turn out to be more imminent than you believe right now… you are almost there!

    Malama Pono!