Reply To: Weird permanent anxious pain in pit of stomach after CT


    Hey Jeff all is going well

    I decided to go all the way back to high school and do memory by memory as I see fit. For each emotion I try to feel the feeling of fear anger toward the people shame humiliation etc.

    I feel absolutely no emotion for the situations once all cleared but once I've cleared them I get emotions of anger in the present that I let that happen. I don't know if its a feeling of feeling more in control now that the emotions from those memories are gone or if its just anger I need to get rid of.

    I don't feel like breaking things or really beating myself up for it it's just a matter of feeling more confident now that it's gone. I feel stronger and more like a man. Maybe I just haven't felt like that in a while?

    What is honestly the best way to to get rid of a bit of anger for not standing up for yourself in the past once the emotions are cleared (if that's what the feeling really is?)

    I kind of feal like rocky right now staring at fear in the eyes. Maybe it's a feeling of confidence? I do know I have a lot of anger built up from never standing up to my dad which I haven't gotten to yet, maybe it's re directing those feelings to other parts of my life?