Reply To: Weird permanent anxious pain in pit of stomach after CT

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    “I get emotions of anger in the present that I let that happen”

    Appears to be anger at yourself … imagine that younger “you” allowing that to happen and TRY HARD to feel anger toward that younger version and CT that.

    Also, imagine never standing up to your father, maybe for something in particular he did, how TRY HARD to be angry at yourself and CT that.

    So, again, just imagine what you did “wrong”; TRY HARD to feel angry at yourself and CT those.  You may also look at past failures in the same light (or darkness) when you feel angry, shamed, guilty, etc. (any non-JEEP emotion) and CT those to allow full and unconditional forgiveness for yourself.  Feel compassion for self in the same way you wish to be compassionate for others… you are not the exception, you know.  :D