Reply To: Bad Habits

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    “there was one emberrasing incident caused by a bad habit of mine that became much worse after using the free clicktracks!”

    Not enough info to say for sure, Nigsy.

    could be:
    * Actually, another feeling/emotion that must be CT'd separately.
    * May need to CT multiple times
    * May have other memories “attached” that need to be addressed (i.e. CT'd)
    * Could be surrounding NOT the incident, but the practice of that bad habit… try focusing on performing that bad habit… doing it and see how you feel… imagine doing it again.  You see, the problem is not doing that bad habit or doing it again or anything like that, but being embarrassed that you do it.

    Many times, when we believe the emotions intensify, it can mean we are getting closer to the core of the issue that we have previously avoided (either consciously or even subconsciously because of the perceived pain).

    “The problem seemed to go completely out of control “

    The keyword there is “seemed”… don't assume you know why you reacted that way… just keep to the fundamentals.

    If you feel unpleasant, CT that.
    If you have limiting beliefs, erase them with PSTEC Negative
    If you don't have empowering beliefs, suggest them with PSTEC Positive.

    So, imagine doing that “bad habit” at the social event… how does that feel?  Rate it and CT it… imagine it and TRY HARD to feel embarrassed.

    Now, when it comes to bad habit… actions and behaviors… and you want to shift that; PSTEC Positive is  your best tool.

    If you are really stuck, getting a practitioner to help may be the best investment for you.