Reply To: Perfectionism

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Pretty good JJ … you're moving along in the right direction … here are a couple other suggestions to help you along…

    Choose a regular activity that you find difficult to do… something you are not at ease with.  You can then use that as a barometer to test as you move along and focus on it to expose the issues.  When we do that, then the core is exposed and can then have an affect on other issues as well that are perpetuated by our mind model… our core beliefs, emotions and behaviors.

    This will make it easier to address the various aspects of the mind model.  Addressing an absolute shift of perfectionism in all areas can be difficult and overwhelming at first… so target something specific.

    For making PSTEC easier for you, you can “prime your mind” with some PSTEC Positive (PP) Statements prior to doing other PSTEC work… like so…

    “When I listen to the PSTEC tracks I follow the instructions because they are important”

    “When doing my PSTEC work I feel at ease because it's important”

    “I want to gently release my emotions to enjoy my life and to do so completely”

    Under negative beliefs, perhaps there are other core beliefs as well.
    Ask yourself why you must be perfect?
    See if there are other beliefs that occur and, if so, use PSTEC Negative on those as well.

    On your PSTEC Positive, I would use something a bit different there because that statement, “It's okay to mess up” I would say is not a positive and it probably not what you want in reality, is it?

    So, move in this direction… develop a part of your mind model that loves change, loves challenges, loves experimenting, discovering and using results based upon experimentation to realize success.

    What can you come up with in terms of a sentence or sentences that expresses what you desire?