Reply To: Perfectionism

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Take a look at the negative beliefs that are in the way and also the feelings/emotions around those.  CT the unpleasant emotions and then use PSTEC Negative on the negative emotions.

    Let's take “I despise working for money”

    Imagine working for money… nothing in particular, but just working and earning money… how does that feel?  CT that.  If memories come up around that, CT those as well.  You, most likely, had bad experiences that shaped this hatred of working for money… so, be aware and CT those emotional memories or use the imagined event that I mentioned above.

    Now, that belief, “I despise working for money” is a negative belief BECAUSE it limits you… you see?

    It might be a moral statement that says “money is evil” or “capitalism is evil”, etc. ,etc.

    Now, of course, it's up to you whether you maintain any of those types of beliefs… there's that free choice thing … but, remember, beliefs like that are definitions we take from others either at face value or spin them a bit.  But, they do fly in the face of the fact that ALL events are neutral until we apply meaning to them; many times with emotion.

    So, consider erasing that negative belief with PSTEC Negative and then using PSTEC Positive to begin expressing to your subconscious what you desire… maybe how to make money… how to allow abundance and flow into your life, etc.

    If you are stuck, consider a practitioner to help you sort these types of blocks out to target them more effectively and/or also consider Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC which is very affordable and guides you step-by-step to overcoming the barriers like procrastination, limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, etc.