Reply To: Belief confusion


    I'd say the core belief there is “I am not good enough” or “I am bad”.

    Both pretty much head down the route of shame and guilt.

    If you want people to like you sounds like to me you have low self esteem and think you aren't good enough for yourself so you need to feel good for others. I'm ultimately in the same boat as you but getting a lot of success.

    Before using the eraser I highly suggest you go back to times of humiliation or not feeling adequate, generally any time you compared yourself to others or felt less than or unworthy of. CT all that junk.

    It's a massive core belief that takes time and you need to be willing to work at it patiently.

    If you remember times of being bullied as a kid even if you think it dosnt bother you today, CT it. I had some rough times in high school with a couple guys and it didn't affect me o a conscious level (as an adult). But burried within , it does. When I CTd and tried hard to feel anger sadness humiliation shame etc no word of a lie I felt lighter happier and more confident.

    Just my 2 cents lol

    Good luck and enjoy. PSTEC is a godsend