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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

Keep in the mind two main subjects…

Emotions and Beliefs.


* “mind blanks under pressure” … imagine this happening; how do you feel?  Rate it and CT it.  You imagine it happening and try hard to feel the unpleasant emotion.
* “procrastination when it comes to my work” … imagine doing your work; how does that feel?  Rate it and CT it.
* lesson planning; I overthink and get freaked out about how I can't seem to follow or understand instructions online and I can't get a clear image of how it all works out.”
Again, imagine it, rate it; then CT it.

Now, as you do these imagine events, memories may come up.  If they do and they have negative feelings associated with them, CT each one.

* “seemed to start when I got freaked out as a teenager cos I couldn't figure out the endings of films caused me anxiety.”
This is a good memory to CT until it's 0-1 and, again, if other memories come up, CT them too.

Here's a negative beliefs from your writing…

I am stupid
Take that and add Tim's preface and erase it with PSTEC Negative

Then, use PSTEC Positive to suggest new beliefs about your abilities.